Ring My Bell

May 7, 2013

I did hundreds of kicks at karate last night and was on the receiving end of dozens more. The only hurts I sustained were from my decrepit body seizing up and a nasty scratch on my arm from the Velcro on someone’s footpad.

At first the drill was mainly for the kicker. Their job was to kick their opponent’s forearm. The defender just had to keep their arm tight to their body and move. If the kicker missed, push-ups, suckas! That’s only fair really. It is important to hit your target after all.

Then the kickers got to add a back fist to the head. Don’t worry, we weren’t ringing each other’s bells, and the defender could block. Karate isn’t a masochistic sport (says the lady with the bleeding Velcro wound). We generally don’t hit each other in the head while being instructed not to block. Generally.

Finally, it was the defender’s turn. Their job was to defend and wait. Wait until the kicker finished their back fist and was in a position that they had to regroup. That was the defender’s moment to loose a back fist of their own.

During my instructor’s explanation of what he wanted us to do, he said “Weather the storm and when it’s over, strike. It’s the perfect opportunity to score.” Well that did ring a bell for me. To me that is a philosophy on how to live your life. Storms happen in life. Some are squalls and some are hurricanes, but they are always coming. If I am wise enough to learn something from them, that is my ‘strike’. When I used what I’ve learned, that is my ‘score’.

This is why I love my sport. I get to have my bell rung.