It’s on!

February 26, 2013

This past weekend I did what any good mother would do and left my birthday boy at home while I went off alone to compete in a karate tournament. I would feel bad about this if he had desperately wanted me to stay and build his giant Lego Millennium Falcon spaceship with him, but he didn’t, so I don’t.

This was a big tournament. There were around 800 competitors and hundreds of spectators. The fact that I chose this event to compete in revealed to me that I not only have some semblance of self confidence, I also have a deluded masochistic streak in me. Of the hundreds of competitors, there were a total of five ladies in my category. Five. That makes me just a little sad because black belt ladies 35 and older should be out there kicking each other’s asses. And by ass kicking I mean supporting each other and applying that wee bit of competitive pressure needed to perform at your best. I think all the ladies that I met last weekend were there for reasons similar to mine. I was there to prove to myself that I could perform under pressure, learn from martial artists that are more skilled, and be entertained by watching athletes compete in my favourite sport. I got all that and more. I met some super cool, nice 35 and over ladies. One quipped “It’s on!” when it came out that we were performing the same kata. She wasn’t being a jerk or smack talkin’, she was pushing me to do my best and letting me know she would do her best to beat me. I respect that. So, did I do my best? No, but it was really close and I’m happy with how I handled myself. Would I do it again? In a heartbeat.

P.S. I came in 2nd.


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