Failing, Determination, and a Swift Kick to the Shin

December 2, 2012

A couple of months ago my girls were asked to test for their blue belts. Only kids that have completed a certain number of classes and are ready to test are asked to grade, no one is ever set up to fail. That doesn’t mean they can’t fail, it just means that they have everything they need to pass. I take the girls to every class and I see them work hard (usually), so I had no worries at all.

The night of their test was the ONE AND ONLY TIME I was not there to watch. I was having a grand ol’ time at the Blissdom conference. Imagine my surprise when I get a call from the hubs saying that the girls were beside themselves, sobbing and carrying on because they both failed their tests. He went and spoke with the instructors to find out what happened, not to change the result, and heard about how the girls were both having an “off” night and that it happens to everybody now and then.

I came home to find thee saddest letter to me from daughter #1. She was so worried I’d be disappointed and she begged to not have to go to class the next day. When morning came, I had a rare moment of wisdom and told her “Not passing a karate test is not failing. Not going to karate class because you didn’t pass the test, that is failing.’. Needless to say, they both went to class.

Two weeks ago the girls retested for their blue belts. I can honestly say I was shocked when I was watching the test. They decided “Hard, sharp, and fast” was their motto for the evening, and they lived up to that motto. I’ve never seen them so determined. I could not help grinning like a loon when daughter #1 gave her opponent a swift kick to the shin before taking him down during the self defense portion of the test. Honestly, I think that failing that test was one of the best things to ever happen to my girls.

In case you were wondering, yes, they passed the second test. Now watch out blue belt class because my girls will open a can of hard, sharp, and fast all over you. Go get ’em ladies. Hiya!


2 Responses to “Failing, Determination, and a Swift Kick to the Shin”

  1. Katja Says:

    Failing, as difficult as it is to live or watch our kids go through, teaches the best lessons.
    Congrats to your girls!

    • Katja, I didn’t even see this comment until now. I think I pressed the Publish button on this post then crawled into bed with the onset of the flu.
      You are so right, failing is a great teacher. It is tough as a parent to watch it happen, but knowing it is absolutely necessary to build a stronger person and character helps a lot.
      Thanks for commenting on my posts, I truly appreciate it!

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