Summer Strategy

May 26, 2012

Sparring is not my forté. But I’m learning that strategy can be my best friend in the ring. If I can think ahead and get my opponent to do what I want them to do, the chance of me scoring a point is so much higher. Not to mention that it also reduces the risk of me getting hit in the head, which you know, I favour.

This is the approach I’m taking for summer vacation. I know my kids aren’t my opponents (usually), but eight weeks with four kids and no thinking ahead will pummel me. It will go from them happily swimming in their cousins’ pool, to bickering about what goggles belong to whom, to the aquatic version of the Hunger Games in very short order.

I am a lazy mother (“mother” as a noun, not an adjective, thankyouverymuch). It’s true though. I could easily wile away day after summer day doing absolutely nothing except yelling at the kids to stop fighting. But this year I have a goal and a strategy. My goal is to get all of my kids making the majority of their lunches next year for school. My strategy to make this happen is a double installment of “Mom’s Cooking Camp”, one near the beginning of July and the other closer to the end of August.

I sent my girls to “Bon Appetit” camp last year and let me tell you, not much cooking happened at all, unless you count spreading canned frosting on white bread. I am totally serious. My then eight year old did learn a plethora of swear words though, which I believe belong in the kitchen, so she’s got a good head start there. When I think about the money I spent on two kids going to that camp it makes me want to cry a little. This year I’ll spend a fraction of that amount on a few extra measuring spoon sets and pans so that each kid can get their chef on. It’s points all round for me because not only is it less work for me in the long run, I’ll have assistants for the baking extravaganza that happens just before school starts, and I’ll be helping my kids gain some independence. All good.

I also have Book Camp, Art Camp, and possibly Community Service Camp in mind for the weeks in-between.

All this came from a desire to score a point in a sparring match. So sparring may not be my forté, but I’m getting the hang of this strategy business.

How about you? What are your plans for summer?


7 Responses to “Summer Strategy”

  1. lol at the ‘aquatic version of the hunger games’ – who gets to be rue?

    my strategy is also to keep ’em busy. when they’re too tired to argue, then it’s a good summer 🙂

  2. Sharon Says:

    We’ll have to set up a couple of dates where we take the kids to the pool or park

    • i Says:

      That would be so great. I would love that and I know my boys would love that too. Ours is a girl heavy family and the boys love to be around other boys.

  3. multitestingmommy Says:

    I love your idea of Mom’s cooking camp! How old are your kiddies?

  4. Katja Says:

    How did your cooking camps go?

    • Overall, it went well. Only did one because DS (3 y/o) broke his arm during my first scheduled one and it really threw me off. I thought the kids would go crazy, but it wasn’t like that. They all had things they wanted to make and it ended up being one on one time while we made “their” recipe. It was actually quite mellow and nice.

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