The war versus the battle

February 10, 2012

“He who knows when he can fight and when he cannot, will be victorious.” Sun Tzu

In my mind I’m 18. I’m young, healthy, strong, and a bit of a risk taker. In actuality, I’m 38 with a knee that acts like it 90. Last night I had to fight that 18 year old perception of myself and just take it easy after my knee popped out on me. (Yes, that is a highly accurate medical description of what happened.) At first I did not want to give up. I did not want to be, or appear weak. My knee cap was in place, I adjusted my brace to be tighter and I was ready to get back out there. With the exception of the first few minutes, it honestly did not feel overly painful, just a little wobbly and maybe like it might swell a bit later.

My karate instructor, being the sage man he is, said “No.”. He also said “Win the war, not the battle.” and  ‘You can take it easy now or push it and be out for four weeks.” And of course he was right.

I hear a lot of reminders to moms to go after their own goals and to take care of themselves. Last night I had to combine those two things. My goal is to be fit, strong, and ultimately to take (and pass) the 3rd degree black belt test. I went to class last night in pursuit of that goal.  The taking care of myself part came as me doing  situps while everyone else was kicking, and aiming all punches head-high while everyone else was bending low for the kidney punch. I took care of my knee so I could fight another day. I also got an ab workout that my four-baby-belly desperately needed. I took care of myself not by giving myself a “pass” and bugging out of class, but by refocusing my efforts without losing sight of the goal.

What will you do for yourself today?

2 Responses to “The war versus the battle”

  1. @SharonDV Says:

    Your instructor is a smart, smart man. Take care of your knee or the only belt you’ll be earning is one attached to a pulley system in your hospital bed.

    • i Says:

      I’ve always enjoyed my hospital stays. I lay around reading and people bring me food. But you’re right (and funny I might add).

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