Where are my pom-poms?

October 21, 2011

Like most other people, I have an inner critic. She’s stealthy and persistent. However, I am also blessed with an inner cheerleader. She’s feisty, loud, and has delusions of grandeur.

My inner cheerleader has dominated for most of my life. Even after I had three babies my cheerleader took good care of me. She told me that I needed to give to myself so I could give to my children. She told me that no one can force guilt on me. If I bore the burden of guilt, it is because I agreed that I deserved it, something she would never let happen. Most of all she reminded me that I am an example to my daughters about how a mom should treat herself.

When I had baby #4 something happened to my inner cheerleader. She got a little quieter. I’d tell the whole sad story of how I lost her for a while, but now that she’s back she won’t let me. I can say that while she was away I was like an agitated bottle of champaign. All the fizz and bubbles were locked up inside just waiting to either burst from the pressure, or for the cork to pop. The combination of reading Sharon DeVellis’ posts about speed skating, the Blissdom Canada conference, and a little shaking of the bottle on my part resulted not in a exuberant explosion of positivity, but more of a deafening “get off your ass woman and just do it”. Whatever “it” I choose, she’ll be there rooting for me. Take that inner critic! Rah, Rah, Rah!


4 Responses to “Where are my pom-poms?”

  1. Sharon Says:

    so proud of you. If there’s one message I can get across to moms, it’s that you HAVE TO DO SOMETHING FOR YOU. What that is will be different for every person but it’s so, so important.

    • i Says:

      It’s so true. I think moms sometimes forget that doing things for themselves actually make them a better parent. It’s not selfishness. Being a martyr to motherhood will have negative consequences IMO.

  2. SamiJoe Says:

    Always believe in yourself- as well, always cheer yourself on! You ARE worth it!

    So glad I met you at Blissdom!

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