I have been to two tweet ups. The first was about a month ago. I was so nervous that a cold sore spontaneously erupted on my lip and rivers of sweat poured off me. I recently overheard someone say that a tweet up is like a first date. You are always wondering if you have spinach in your teeth and if the other person likes you. I felt like that, but worse because I was undermining my self confidence with the destructive thoughts that all the other women had their acts totally together whereas I did not. When asked ‘So, what do you do?’ I stammered something half under my breath about having four kids, lots of ideas, and no real focus yet.

Then I changed my mind. I decided that after ten years of being a stay at home mom it was perfectly okay to not know what I was going to do next. Instead of comparing myself to other women I would learn from them and open myself up to be inspired by them. I signed up for the WomenInBiz / Blissdom tweet up. I went with the intention of soaking up the creativity, encouragement and drive of the ladies around me. It was a very liberating experience and I am so thankful I had the sense to just be myself and let the positivity come to me. I met moms just like me trying to figure where they fit in, and moms that had spent years finding the balance between motherhood and business. This time when asked ‘So, what do you do?’ I had a perfectly confident answer, ‘I’m a stay at home mother of four. I was a technical writer before that, and now I’m trying to figure out what’s next for me.’ All true, all me and no self judgement or criticism.

On my way out the door, I saw Julia Rosien. I had been following her on Twitter and knew she was super smart with a ton of experience. I told her how I had been writing blog posts, but had only published a few, with the rest sitting in the Drafts folder. Her advice to me was to give myself permission to push the Submit button. By the time you read this I will have taken her advice, literally. I have a feeling though that those words will help me outside the blogosphere in whatever venture I chose to undertake. Thanks Julia, and thank you to all the wonderful women at the WomenInBiz / Blissdom tweet up.