The gift of giving

February 26, 2011

Just before Christmas my 9 year old daughter loped off her beautiful blond mane. She had been growing it out for a year or so. She had talked about donating her hair before, but she got serious about it when her classmate and grandpa got diagnosed with cancer within weeks of each other.  She wanted to do it before Christmas so that she could “give a child with cancer a great Christmas gift”.  To say that I was proud of her would be an understatement. Not only did she donate her own hair, but she inspired her aunt and myself to do the same. I got mine chopped off just a couple of days ago. What a gift! I don’t mean the hair donation, I mean the great feeling of doing something kind for a total stranger, especially one that’s having a hard go of things. This post is to say thank you to my daughter on behalf of those receiving our hair and for reminding me how fulfilling the gift of giving can be. You rock Olivia!


Olivia Before

Olivia After

Olivia After

Kelly Before

Kelly Before

Kelly Before

Kelly After


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